Top 10 Trade Show Rental Designs (2015)

Rental Incognito

When I started in the this business, way back when folding panel systems and pop ups were duking it out for design supremacy, rentals were an afterthought. Really a non-thought. The Great Recession changed that. Rentals are now HUGE.  And CUSTOMIZED. And BEAUTIFUL. 

I would estimate, and you can disagree, that 15-20 percent of displays at major trade shows are all or partial rentals. Yet, most attendees, exhibitors, and industry professionals would be hard pressed to tell the difference. To prove my point, I’ve chosen our favorite Top 10 Rental Designs from 2015. These are shown in Past 5 Days, our photo gallery. Some were taken during setup. Others from the show.

If you have time, I'd very much love to hear your thoughts about rental trends and rental designs. Leave a comment or send me an email. Enjoy.

Top 10 Rental Designs

1. (View) — 30 x 40 Island with Laminated Sconces with Recessed Puck Lights

2. Continental Building Products (View)  — 20 x 20 Island with 16 ft. Tower/Storage Room

3. Chirotouch (View) — 20 x 40 Island with 16 ft. Towers, Double-Sided Bridged Header with/Pillowcase Fabric Graphic, and Dual Conference Rooms

4. Employee Screen (View) —20 x 20 Island (2) RE-1250 Counters, (2) RE-1230 Large Monitor Kiosks with Custom Planter Boxes

5. NETGEAR (View) — Ballroom Product Showcase with (8) RE-1207 Counters with Custom Laminated/Tops, (32) Small Custom Black Laminated Product Shelves, and (8) RE-1229 Large Monitor Kiosks

6. Adaptiva (View) — 30 x 30 Island with 14 ft. High Tower/Storage Room, (3) Custom Kiosks/with 42 in. Monitors and Sintra Graphics

7. Spectrum Brands (View) — RE-9029 Island with Double Tower Structure, Lounge Lighting, (4)/Workstation Kiosks, Curved Bridged Headers, Large Monitor Kiosks, and (2) RE-1205 Large Curved Counters

8. Beck Arnley (View) — 20 x 40 Island 12′ High Tower/Backwall with Tension Fabric Graphics/and 18′ Wide Backwall with Backlit SEG Fabric Graphic

9. L3 Driver Safety Solutions (View) — Modified RE-9049 Island Includes Tower with Locking/Counter, (2) Double-Sided Graphic Kiosks, and RE-1205 Large Reception Counter

10. Clear Story (View) — Island Peninsula Design (15 ft. High) with Tension Fabric and Sintra Header Graphics, 38″ High Return Walls, RE-1228 Counter, and (2) RE-1221 Pedestals

Sheesh! I almost forgot to include inlines. We designed quite a few beauties last year. Here are three:

1. Alaska Communications (View) —  20 ft. RE-2030 Design with Wave Canopies, (2/ RE-1216 Connected Workstations, RE-1207 Counter, and RE-1205 Counter

2. Blue Sky (View) — 10 ft. RE-1004 with Tension Fabric Graphic, Sintra Wing Graphics, and/(3) Halogen Arm Lights

3. Schock Logistics (View) — 10 ft. SEGUE Hybrid Display with SEG Fabric Graphic, Halogen Arm Lights, and Frosted Wing Panels

Mel White
Classic Exhibits Inc.