Trade Show Exhibit Design + Marketing Tips

Exhibit Design + Marteting Tips

Successful Trade Show Marketing requires time, energy, creativity, and money. Far too often, companies think “showing up” is the same as “showing off.” To reach your trade show goals, consider these critical exhibit design and marketing tips.

Traffic Flow

What direction do attendees enter the show hall? Is there a natural traffic flow? Position your exhibit to take advantage of the traffic flow.

The Three Second Look

Does your exhibit communicate your key message(s) within three seconds? After three seconds, an attendee will move on to the next exhibit if your message does not capture his or her attention. Consider simple, declarative text and bold, relevant graphics. And PLEASE do not put your website address at floor level.


Does the exhibit match your marketing materials? Too many mixed messages or images, no matter how creative, creates confusion.


Is your exhibit structurally stable when filled with attendees? One small disaster can ruin a well-planned and potentially successful show. 


Do you have adequate storage for literature, electronics, promotional incentives, briefcases, and portable shipping cases? Do you require secure storage for valuables during and throughout the show? You don't want purses, briefcases, tablet cases cluttering the booth.


Is your exhibit worn or dated from one too many shows? Plan ahead before you purchase your next exhibit. Light colors show seams and damage more easily than dark colors or patterns. Glosses scratch easier than matte laminates.


Does the exhibit fit your short and long-term budget? If you spend too little, you may not reach all your marketing/sales goals. If you spend too much, you may be forced to curtail your trade show program just when it is making a difference.

Seven Key Reasons Why Companies Fail To Reach Their Trade Show Exhibit Marketing Potential

  1. A weak or non-existent exhibit marketing plan without stated goals and objectives.
  2. A casual attitude toward pre-show marketing. Well-designed traditional and social marketing campaigns give attendees a reason to visit your booth.
  3. A fuzzy or ill-conceived exhibit identity and message.
  4. An exhibit marketing message that doesn’t differentiate you from your competitors.
  5. An exhibit design that hinders effective client interaction (too noisy, too cluttered, too casual or too formal)
  6. Poor booth staff etiquette that sends the wrong message to attendees and customers. Inappropriate etiquette is a common (and avoidable) mistake.
  7. Slow, ineffective, or nonexistent post-show follow-up with potential sales leads. There’s a reason they are called “sales leads” and not "sales." 

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